12th Derrick Geyer Memorial Championships, 2018

Congratulations to our students who participated at the 12th Derrick Geyer Memorial Championships, 17 Mar 2018

Follow this link to view the photos of the event: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmd9eNuL

Championships Results Table for our Dojo
Abdullah Osman-Latib Kyalami Gold Silver
Alex Nunes Kyalami Gold Silver Gold
Anabelle le Roux Kyalami Gold
Ashrita Singh Kyalami Gold Silver
Bronwyn Lewis Kyalami Gold
Bryce Hornby Kyalami Gold
Camdon Pillay Kyalami Bronze Bronze Silver & Bronze
Daniel Nunes Kyalami Gold Gold Bronze
Demira Naran Kyalami Gold
Deven Morrison Kyalami Bronze Silver
Dheeya Patel Kyalami Silver Silver Silver
Dirk le Roux Kyalami Silver
Gregory Robinson Kyalami Silver Bronze
Hinal Vallabh Kyalami Gold
James Wolpe Kyalami Gold Gold Gold & Gold
Junior Mphaphuli Kyalami Bronze Gold
Kiara Naran Kyalami Gold Gold Gold
Kiara Pandaram Kyalami Silver Bronze
Kritvi Mistri Kyalami Silver Silver Silver
Magda Nunes Kyalami Silver Silver Gold
Mari du Preez Kyalami Bronze
Marjolein Lewis Kyalami Silver
Matthew Ekland Kyalami Bronze
Mehaan Patel Kyalami Gold
Mulweli Mphaphuli Kyalami Silver
Neharika Govindjee Kyalami Bronze Silver
Niamh Govindjee Kyalami Silver Bronze
Nkhensani Mphapuli Kyalami Gold Silver
Rahil Behari Kyalami Gold Gold
Raj Pandaram Kyalami Silver
Reese Morrison Kyalami Bronze
Saishka Pandaram Kyalami Bronze Bronze Bronze
Sashen Naidoo Kyalami Silver
Shahir Sewmohan Kyalami Silver Bronze Silver
Shané du Plooy Kyalami Gold Gold Gold
Shivika Singh Kyalami Gold
Sophia le Roux Kyalami Gold
Tanay Vallabh Kyalami Bronze Silver Bronze
Thakusani Mphaphuli Kyalami Gold
Thiskeshan Naidoo Kyalami Bronze Silver
Thomas Parry Kyalami Silver Silver
Tristan Gomes Kyalami Gold Silver Bronze
Unalo Mphaphuli Kyalami Bronze Bronze
Viksha Mistri Kyalami Bronze Bronze Silver